Instructor Helping A Young Woman Lift Dumbbells In A Gym

During the long, fun-loving summer days, it may be a challenge to keep your health and fitness goals on point. Things like ice cream, days on the beach, and long nights on the town tend to get in the way of a fitness program, making you feel like you’ve hit a plateau: either your weights aren’t going up, or you don’t see new physical changes, or you’ve lost the motivation to workout altogether.

Well, the good news is that we’ve all been there; you are not alone. The better news is that there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get yourself back in the game.


Trick #1: Set goals

When I say goals, I’m not talking big, “lose 10lbs in a week” goals – those will just get you down. I’m talking small, simple goals; like cutting out junk food for a few days, trying out a new class, or even dedicating yourself to ten minutes of exercise a day.

With goal setting, it’s always best to KIS: keep it simple. The simpler they are, the more achievable they become, the more motivated you get!


Trick #2: Try something new

Getting bored of the same old, same old workout? The same old, same old meal plan? Then why not change it up? Workout in the morning instead of at night (or vise versa), go cycling instead of jogging, try out a new fruit or vegetable – fitness is an exciting universe filled with possibilities, so why limit yourself to a single planet? Get exploring!


Trick #3: Start by taking classes

On the topic of trying something new: why not try out a few fitness classes? This way, not only will you stay on top of your fitness goals, you will also meet new people, vary your exercise experiences, and learn a ton of new things. There are classes on everything from yoga to boxing, Zumba to Pilates, cycling to stretching. So go box it out, stretch it out, and work it out!


Trick #4: Get a workout buddy

Don’t want to go alone? Get yourself a workout buddy. Find a friend with the same goals and write a fitness plan together, or get a personal trainer together, or even go to classes together. Everything is easier with a little companionship – even those deadly burpees will feel better with a buddy by your side!


Trick #5: Enjoy yourself

The most important aspect of fitness is enjoyment – if it feels like homework rather than a pastime, you’re doing it wrong! Find a way to make fitness an enjoyment, whether you do it by signing up for a personal training sessions, or by knocking push-ups out to some sweet tunes, or by leaving it all in the ring after an intense punching session. Every moment spent breaking a sweat counts!

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