OBFT Oakville Personal Training

How do you know that you’re doing the best thing for YOUR body? Sometimes on that road to optimal strength, you may need a helping hand to

-better educate

-better motivate

-better stimulate

we got you.

Stronger Healthier Happier

Say goodbye to conventional machines, cookie-cutter all-fits-one routines, and the latest youtube craze.

Say hello to challenging, personally tailored routines utilizing our OBFT half and half system, where you do 1/2 hour of the many listed functional maneuvers below, and pair it with either one-on-one boxing or kickboxing.

Or simply choose to focus on an entire hour of functional training/boxing/kickboxing

-body weight

-free weights

-suspension trainers





-stability balls

most of which can be performed in and out of facility (so NO excuses!)