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The onset of winter means more comfort food, more hot chocolate, and less training. It means those extra pounds gained, and that gym membership going to waste. It means losing cardiovascular health and smoking a few extra cigarettes a day. It means stress, work, and depression. Here’s how to combat that, and keep healthy, fit and happy during the snowy months of the year!

1. On-the-go

Take the staircase, do squats during advertisements when watching a movie at home, stretch in the shower and do pushups off the kitchen counter while cooking. There are many ways to incorporate exercise during the day, that will have a long-lasting effect and still keep you on track with all your work. One of the best ways to stay fit on the go is to exercise for twenty minutes first thing in the morning. Do a few sit-ups, pushups, and squats – and you’re good to go!

 2. Classes

Classes are a great way to ensure you get that one hour of exercise, three times a week. They’re easy to make time for and jot into your schedule. With classes on everything from yoga to boxing, Zumba to Pilates, cycling to stretching, you can stay super pumped in the winter! Plus, not only will you stay on top of your fitness goals, but you will also meet new people, vary your exercise experiences, and learn a ton of new things. So get signed up, and kill three birds with one stone!

3. Personal Training

While classes are a great way to stay fit, their schedules are set in stone – and they might not fit with your schedule. Fear not! That’s what personal trainers are here for! Keep consistent, motivated, safe, and happy! Customize your workouts to your needs, schedule them whenever you’d like, and have someone make sure that you’re meeting your goals (so that you don’t have to think about it). What better way to stay on track during the winter than to have someone do it for you?

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