Elicia Stevens

Dear Scott.
Let me start by saying I am the last person to be motivate to “go to the gym” or “go workout”. I live a very active lifestyle outside of the gym but I’m never willing to go lift weights or run on a treadmill.I’ve been wanting to try boxing or kick boxing for quite some time, but I wasn’t eager to join a full class, plus it’s not a typical class that is offered.Each class, Scott pushes me harder and challenges me to improve each week. He makes each class fun and inspires me to reach my goals.I am most impressed by his patience, especially with my knee up skipping.His passion and determination for me to hit harder.And his knowledge on proper technique, and alignment throughout each workout.I don’t have weight loss goals I am trying to reach, simply a feeling I am chasing. It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m now addicted and excited to going to OBFT.Thank you Scott for letting me leave each class feeling empowered.

Chelsea Tanchip

I’ve been training with Scott and Reshad at OBFT since March 2018, along with my family. OBFT is amazing because it has two great locations, awesome gym equipment, and incredible people.

Starting with Scott, let me say that I only have warm feelings inside because this person gives off the most inviting and friendly vibes. He’s genuinely a nice person and you can feel it whether you’re just talking to him or training with him. He knows how to treat clients well and create an inviting/accepting atmosphere for people of all levels to train. Here’s an example: my brother. Hasn’t worked out in years and refuses to…until we made him try a session with Scott. Now my brother’s actually working out frequently and makes his own appointments with Scott without complaining. My brother is super shy and doesn’t interact with people a lot, yet he absolutely respects Scott and enjoys the workouts. Scott simply has that effect on people and is easy to coordinate and work with. He is super competent as a trainer too and helped me improve my boxing skills (he puts a lot of variety in his workouts. I’ve done boxing lessons before and I can say Scott’s teaching is the best one for me!).

Reshad is driven, has impeccable attention to detail and form, creative, and a master of technique. He is chill to talk to but challenging to train with (in a good way)! He is also very friendly and considerate; he doesn’t pester or bug you and even accommodates your schedule. He works incredibly hard and has a clear-cut vision for his clients. His work ethic really shows in the way he notices things. Little anomalies in your form, in poses I thought I was okay at (I’ve been doing certain poses for years. Squats, deadlifts, etc). He would spot the erroneous angle of my knees, the lack of a little curve my back is supposed to have, the integration of my body that failed to manifest in previous attempts of poses I thought I’ve been doing correctly. He detects little things that make up a whole system and fixes that so the system can kick ass (and have a better one). His chill demeanour and expert attention to detail give him the unique ability to be your trainer and friend.

I can do little everyday things better, like carry grocery bags from the car and up the stairs, to picking up my overweight dog and my overweight bags I have to carry for commuting. Thank you OBFT for your help! My highest recommendation.

Ben Sprawson

Great work out! I’ve been going to the boxing and fitranx classes at the Lakeshore location for a few months now and the results have been much better than what I was getting doing weights on my own. The atmosphere is welcoming and the workouts are challenging. Would recommend it to anyone.

Nicholas Tanchip

Coach Scott helped me get stronger and his workouts are amazing!

Afshin Aheadi-Amin

Obft is a hidden gem. It’s located inside national fitness and also have a new location at lakeshore. The classes are great and so are the trainers. I recently tried their 30mins class and I found it great especially after getting back into working out. Would definitely recommend for people to try it out.